Final Project – Progress and Construction.


So for the past week I’ve been assembling a demo of my mountain relief sculpture and try to make sure the flaps and folds are made correctly.  I struggled a little bit in the scaling the template to fit the actual canvas. There was a lot of math involved, but I made double sure the scale should fit onto the 96″ canvas. These are the final template for the structure!


Then I highlighted the folds in red and blue to indicate which side I should score to create a clean fold.

Then my friend Alison and I placed my templates onto the posterboards in order to get ready for the actual paper-crafting.


That’s all I have so far. Now to actually sculpt it!


Final Project – Pitch 2


My final project will be a projection map landscape painting that takes place over a virtual low-poly mountain, and a very mysterious tower looms over the land. Three diamonds floats to the edge of the tower with unknown technical qualities. It shines and glows as it only becomes activated over the night; the tower follows after, and activates the plains of the land it is surrounded by.

Storyboard – Concept of Time


Technical Proof of Concept

These are the maya renderings of what the Landscape is sculpted as.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.03.02 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 3.05.10 AM

I’ll be using Pepakura Designer 4 to create the templates of the landscape and rebuild them on actual paper.

The rest to animate will be on Adobe After Effects and VPT to activate syphon plugin for After Effects.

And this is a sample use of animation concept based off of triangular polygons in this landscape:

Final Project – Influences and Ideas

So my final project idea is to create another polygonal sculptures with playing interaction with light and perception.

I want to create virtual landscapes with low-polygonal lands and skies close to a crystalized world.

I want people to be able to take this theme as a different take on the traditional landscape art that we usually come to see.  I want to combine the use of light and its interaction like the video down below these pictures to the landscapes you see here.

I want the landscapes to intereact to the sun and moon as is spans over time, the polygonal faces interact to the light coming from its sky.

Materias used to make this landscape would be posterboard, this time glued to a foam board with a visual low-relief landscape propping out of the board.  Each faces will be able to be interact to the sun and moon waning over time.

Project 5 -Projection Mapping and VPT Experiment

So my next experimental project plan is to create a Projection mapping using the program VPT.

I wanted to create an animated illustration of a deer in a suit holding an umbrella.  I don’t know if I want to add an acutal umbrella. Maybe have it shaped similar to this:

Permanent mapping installation at The Hive night club from Obscura Vertigo on Vimeo.

But I don’t want to have the shape of the umbrella top down, rather in a perspective of the side of the umbrella hovering over the deer.

Materials I want to use would be foam core or paper board.

Lovelight Installation from Polyphant on Vimeo.

Effects would be more of a glitch-aesthetic.

HP | Hear There Everywhere from Leviathan on Vimeo.


I want to add colorful abstract/square-like raindrops to the umbrella.

Career Workshop – Career Fair!

Some good notes to start with MCA’s Career Fair.

Getting Started…

Students @ table – setup begin @ noon. Actual Fair will be at 1-3:30 on Friday, April 1.

Welcome the employers as guests in you “office”. Give something away(business cards, resumes). Be mindful of time-cues.  There will be photos and evaluations. Make sure to put your names on those beforehand.

Success for Career Fair

Set up at the fair is a good start. Include resume, portfolio, demo reel, research the companies, connections (mention transferrable skills earlier), and practice doing mock interviews.

Resume: Basics

Make it one page; succinct. No “I’s”. Emphasize what you can do. Use it as a guideline to present yourself. Also talk about yourself.


Pick up to 12 of your best works. Digital is preferred, but website is excellent.  Relate work to the working world. Practice presenting your work. Make sure it’s easy to do.

Research Yourself

What are you long-term career goals? Short-term? Review your resume. What kind of employment would contribute to your career?

Interview Dress

Basics: Slacks or skirt, blouse, clean shoes that are not platforms, athletic shoes, or flip flops.  No cleavage, dirty jeans, tshirts, shorts, tight clothes.

Your job: Make connections!

Ho does “what I know how to do” fir with what they do?

Send thank you letter/emails/hand-written notes. One to 2 weeks later, call or email to check in status.


Career Workshop – Licensing and Marketing Part 1 and 2



The main presentation was about ANPE, an organization for 2D designers to create licensed products and marketing them to gain certain rights to images you create. Use Licensing Market as an outlet for your artwork (because Etsy and Society 6 isn’t going to give you a lot of cash.)

Multiple usage of fine and graphic visual images or object ideas is another aspect of licensing.

SURTEX SHOW (May 15-17, 2016 at the Jacob K. Javis Convention Center, New York) is a Convention for Art and Consumers.  There’s so much crap but waive through many works, and you’ll find many treasures. Attendance goes up to 6000 people from 49 countries.

Artists, designers, studios, agents and licensing firms come to sell and licensing art and design for a multitude of product-end uses.

Personal thoughts: Don’t know if I want to work with organizations to license my work, but it’s a good helpful tip if I do find a way.


FREELANCING for the ANPE. Thinking with the end in mind.

In this workshop, we talked about how we can incorporate our artworks for non-profit organizations that need artistic help to spread their word in the like.  Mainly this workshop is for graphic designers, but animation could play in a part for this as well.  As long as you are a good designer in general, especially in the use of typography, it’s really easy for artists to get jobs within that type of design career.

In the end you need to find resources for Nonprofits, show them what they need and organize their message. ( is a good resource).

Personal thoughts: There are a lot of ideas but no real solid plans.  Give them suggestions. (However will there be actual feedback from them? I guess it depends on the organization you’re working with.)